Pointless API Docs

pointless/prelude/label.ptls (source)

getLabel(value) link
Get the label of a labelled tuple or object, or a label

hasLabel(label, value) link
Does a labelled tuple or object have the given labelled

unwrap(wrapped) link
Get the single value in a single-value tuple

unwrapTuple(tuple) link
unwrapObject(object) link
wrap(label, value) link
Get a single-value tuple with the given label containing value
Foo(123) is syntactic sugar for wrap(Foo, 123) 

wrapTuple(label, tuple) link
Given a tuple, return the tuple labelled with label
Foo(1, 2, 3) is syntactic sugar for wrapTuple(Foo, (1, 2, 3)) 

wrapObject(label, object) link
Given an object, return the object labelled with label
Foo {value = 123} is syntactic sugar for wrapObject(Foo, {value = 123})